Advanced Mining Dimension

A dimension consisting just of caves.


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Mod Version

This mod adds a highly configurable dimension that only consists of caves.

Creating the teleporter only requires very basic resources to make it accessible very early in game.


The teleporter is your door to the mining dimension.

Just place it down and right-click it.

Configuration (1.16.2 and higher)

Due to the changes in Minecraft 1.16, you have to create a datapack to modify the dimension itself. Example data packs can be found here.

Overworld dimension   The dimension from where you can teleport to the mining dimension and back

Show custom world warning   If the game should show the custom world warning when loading a world

Configuration (1.15.2 and lower)

Cave percentage   The Amount of caves generated

Canyon percentage   The Amount of canyons generated

Lava lakes   If lava lakes should be generated

Spawners   If dungeons with spawners should be generated

Stone variants   If the different stone variants should be generated

Ores   If ores should be generated

Lava   If lava should be generated in caves below level 11