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Shulker Box Hints

Shulker box hints add useful information to the lid of shulker boxes. This includes an item icon and text. Hints are enabled by default for blocks and items in the config.

show_shulker_box_item_hint shows shulker box hints on shulker box items in your inventory.
show_shulker_box_block_hint shows shulker box hints on shulker box blocks when placed down.

By default the mod itself tries to determine which information to show on the lid:

  • If the shulker box has a custom name, the mod will show the name on the lid
  • If the shulker box only contains a single type of item, the mod will show the item on the lid


There are two ways of customizing the shulker box hints:

Despite this, you are able to modify the way shulker boxes and items are rendered in your inventory by using the built-in resource pack or your own resource pack.

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