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Simple Voice Chat is designed to be easily extendable with an API. This page lists all official addons for Simple Voice Chat.


This server side Fabric mod enables uploading custom audio for music discs and goat horns.

Voice Chat Interaction

This server side Fabric mod allows Simple Voice Chat to interact with your Minecraft world.

Sound Physics Remastered

A Minecraft mod that provides realistic sound attenuation, reverberation, and absorption through blocks. Optimized for the use with Simple Voice Chat.

Replay Voice Chat

A compatibility mod to record Simple Voice Chat with ReplayMod.

Simple Voice Chat Enhanced Groups

A server side Fabric mod providing useful features to Simple Voice Chat groups.

Simple Voice Chat Radio

A server-side Simple Voice Chat addon mod for Fabric adding a radio block capable of streaming mp3 radio streams.


A server-side Simple Voice Chat addon mod for Fabric, that adds a microphone and a speaker block.

Voice Chat Broadcast

This is a simple Bukkit plugin that allows you to broadcast your voice with Simple Voice Chat.

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