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Setting Up The Server - Self Hosted


The setup requires some in-depth knowledge about networking and port-forwarding. It is not recommended to do this without any prior knowledge about this topic.

Opening ports is different for every setup. It depends on your OS, your router, your ISP, your hoster and many other things. Please don't ask us for help with port-forwarding!

On a VPS or root server

  • Open the voice chat port (24454 UDP by default)
    • In your servers firewall
    • In your server hosting panel (Not always present)

On Your Own Computer or a Machine in Your Local Network

  • Open the voice chat port (24454 UDP by default)
    • In the firewall of the machine, the server is running on
    • In your router
  • When connecting to your Minecraft server in-game, please make sure you use the local IP address of the server in your internal network or localhost if the server is running on the same machine, you are playing on
  • Make sure your router allows devices in your local network to communicate with each other

With Pterodactyl

  • Go to Settings > Nodes > your-node > Allocation
  • Go to the Assign New Allocations panel
  • Enter the servers IP and the voice chat port (24454 UDP by default)
  • Press Submit

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