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Server Setup

Setting up your server for Simple Voice Chat requires a special networking setup. This is a little more complicated than setting up a regular Minecraft mod.

It is absolutely crucial for the voice chat to work, so please follow the steps very carefully and thoroughly!

In case you are using a proxy, please also read this to learn how to set it up.

If you are hosting your server with a Minecraft hosting provider

Setting Up The Server - Minecraft Hosting Provider

If you are self-hosting your Minecraft server

Setting Up The Server - Self Hosted

Changing the Voice Chat Port

You can change the port that the voice chat is running on in the server config of the mod. More information on how to find the config file here.

Just set the property port to the port you want. For example port=1234 to use port 1234.

Testing the Voice Chat Connection

You can test the voice chat connection of a specific player by typing the command /voicechat test <PLAYERNAME> in-game.

Starting with version 2.5.2, you can also test the voice chat connection without any players on the server. This tool allows you to ping the voice chat server from your command line. This is especially useful for just testing if the voice chat UDP port is open.

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