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Compatibility between mod versions

Generally it is always recommended, that you use the exact same version on server and client.

This mod follows Semantic Versioning. This means version 1.2.3 has a major version of 1, a minor version of 2 and a patch version of 3. So, as a rule of thumb, only the major and minor versions need to match. So for example you can join a server with version 1.2.3, your client can also have version 1.2.0 or 1.2.5.

Compatibility between Minecraft versions

Since version 2.1.0 of Simple Voice Chat, the mod is compatible between Minecraft versions with the help of tools like ViaVersion or ViaBackwards. But you still have to consider the compatibility between the mod versions, as described above.

Operating system compatibility


There are no known incompatibilities with any modern version of Windows.


MacOS version 10.15 or later is required to run Simple Voice Chat on a Mac. We support both Intel and ARM based Macs.


Simple Voice Chat should work with every major Linux distribution, as long as it is up to date. If you encounter any incompatibility on Linux, please let us know.