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All voice chat commands can only be executed in-game. You won't be able to run them in the console. You also need to have Simple Voice Chat installed on your client to be able to use these commands.

/voicechat helpShows all possible commands.
/voicechat test <PLAYERNAME>Tests the voice chat connection of a specific player.
Requires the permission voicechat.admin. See permissions for more information.
/voicechat invite <PLAYERNAME>Invites the player to the group you are in.
/voicechat join <GROUP-NAME>Connects you to the group with that name.
This command only works if there's not more than one group with that exact name.
/voicechat join <GROUP-ID>Connects you to the group with that ID.
This should not be used directly. This command is automatically executed when accepting an invite.
/voicechat leaveDisconnects you from your current group.

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