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If you are using older versions of the mod (older than 2.4.0), please check out this.

Troubleshooting Config Issues

While editing configuration files, make sure the client/server is stopped. If the config values keep resetting, this is most likely the problem.

If you can't find the config files, make sure the client/server was started at least once, so that the files are generated.






Config keyDescriptionDefault value
portThe port of the voice chat server
Setting this to -1 sets the port to the Minecraft servers port (Not recommended)
bind_addressThe IP address to bind the voice chat server on
Leave empty to use server-ip of
To bind to the wildcard address, use *
max_voice_distanceThe distance to where the voice can be heard48
crouch_distance_multiplierThe multiplier of the voice distance when crouching1.0
whisper_distance_multiplierThe multiplier of the voice distance when whispering0.5
codecThe opus codec
mtu_sizeThe maximum size in bytes that voice packets are allowed to have1024
keep_aliveThe frequency at which keep alive packets are sent
Setting this to a higher value may result in timeouts
enable_groupsIf group chats are allowedtrue
voice_hostThe host name that clients should use to connect to the voice chat
This may also include a port, e.g. ''
Don't change this value if you don't know what you are doing
allow_recordingIf players are allowed to record the voice chattrue
spectator_interactionIf spectators are allowed to talk to other playersfalse
spectator_player_possessionIf spectators can talk to players they are spectatingfalse
force_voice_chatIf players without the mod should get kicked from the serverfalse
login_timeoutThe amount of milliseconds, the server should wait to check if the player has the mod installed
Only active when force_voice_chat is set to true
10 000
broadcast_rangeThe range where the voice chat should broadcast audio to
A value <0 means max_voice_distance




Config keyDescriptionDefault value
voice_chat_volumeThe voice chat volume1.0
voice_activation_thresholdThe threshold for voice activation in dB-50.0
microphone_amplificationThe voice chat microphone amplification1.0
microphone_activation_typeMicrophone activation type
Possible values are PTT and VOICE
output_buffer_sizeThe size of the audio output buffer in packets
Higher values mean a higher latency, but less crackles
Increase this value if you have an unstable internet connection
audio_packet_thresholdThe maximum amount of audio packets that are held back if a packet arrives out of order or gets dropped
This prevents discarding audio packets that are slightly out of order
Set this to 0 to disable
voice_deactivation_delayThe time it takes for the microphone to deactivate when using voice activation
A value of 1 means 20 milliseconds, 2=40 ms, 3=60 ms, ...
microphoneThe microphone used by the voice chat
Empty for default device
speakerThe speaker used by the voice chat
Empty for default device
mutedIf the microphone is muted (only when using voice activation)false
disabledIf the voice chat is disabled (sound and microphone off)false
hide_iconsIf the voice chat icons should be hiddenfalse
show_group_hudIf the group HUD should be visibletrue
show_own_group_iconIf the own icon should be shown when in a grouptrue
group_hud_icon_scaleThe scale of the group HUD2.0
group_player_icon_orientationThe orientation of the player icons in the group HUD
Possible values are VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL
group_player_icon_pos_xThe X position of the player icons in the group HUD
Negative values mean anchoring to the right
group_player_icon_pos_yThe Y position of the player icons in the group HUD
Negative values mean anchoring to the bottom
hud_icon_pos_xThe X position of the HUD icons
Negative values mean anchoring to the right
hud_icon_pos_yThe Y position of the HUD icons
Negative values mean anchoring to the bottom
hud_icon_scaleThe scale of the HUD icons1.0
recording_destinationThe location where recordings should be saved
Leave empty for default location
recording_qualityThe quality of the recorded audio
0 = highest quality, 9 = lowest quality
denoiserIf noise cancellation should be enabledfalse
run_local_serverIf voice chat should work in singleplayer/LAN worldstrue
java_microphone_implementationWhether to use the Java implementation of microphone capturing instead of OpenALtrue for MacOS, false for every other OS
macos_check_microphone_permissionIf the mod should check for microphone permissions (MacOS only)true
show_fake_players_disconnectedIf fake players should have the disconnected icon above their headfalse
offline_player_volume_adjustmentIf the volume adjustment GUI should also show offline playersfalse
audio_typeThe 3D audio type
Possible values are NORMAL, REDUCED and OFF
use_nativesIf the mod should load native libraries
If set to false, the Java Opus implementation will be used, the denoiser won't be available and you won't be able to record audio.
freecam_supportThis lets you hear players near you, even though you are further away with your freecam
See this for more information
mute_on_joinIf enabled, you will be automatically muted when joining a worldfalse

ModRepo Release 0c093f5